Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wild Earth... half way there

Finally, Wild Earth Bakery (8902 99 Street) has opened the west side of the cafe after months of renos. Charles stopped by yesterday around 10am for a coffee and cinnamon bun with a friend, and they managed to snap a few pictures (some of these pictures are from today as well). The plan is to have the entire space open in a few weeks, as they've shut the east side down for an overhaul... can't wait for all that seating!

And finally, I promised Charles I would post the picture of the bathroom sink area he took. He's in love with the countertop and sink. They are pretty beautiful, and apparently Greta (the owner) is pretty proud of them... I would be too. What a great find!

8902 99 Street
Ph. 780.425.8423


A Canadian Foodie said...

Where is it? On their website - they list only the location on 99th street. Thanks for the heads up. We live in the west end... Lewis Estates... so anything this way is a thrill.

Marianne said...

Sorry for the confusion, Valerie! I meant the west side of their 99st. location has opened... they've just added on, but haven't opened up a new location entirely.