Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Clever Rabbit Vegetarian Café

The Clever Rabbit opened its doors way back in March, and sadly, I just couldn't make my schedule align to check out their brunch and lunch offerings. Last week though, with just a half shift making up my Wednesday, I made my way to the vegetarian café for some post work lunch.

At 1:30 in the afternoon I was the only table in the bright space save a couple finishing lunch towards the back of the restaurant. I ended up choosing a spot next to the window to observe the blustery day outside whilst enjoying a glass of unpasteurized apple juice. I have to say I was there for the lentil loaf, a veggie dish that is one of my favourites at Blue Plate Diner. But with the last slice sold earlier during the lunch rush, I opted instead for the Walnut Chickpea Burger along with a side of cream of tomato soup ($12).

Everything arrived about 15 minutes later. The burger was piled high with toppings and I could see a slathering of nut butter beneath the walnut-chickpea patty; the soup arrived hidden inside an adorable rabbit-topped cocotte. Along with the nut butter and groceries, the burger was fantastic, with a lovely nutty flavour and a creaminess that was amplified by the toppings. My only complaint was that the bun was cold, however that's something easily remedied.

The soup didn't fare quite as well. While I appreciated its brightness, the creaminess didn't come through and I never came around to enjoying the texture. Thankfully though, the soup changes daily.

Since this visit I've also stopped in for a smoothie - a super thick mixture of tofu and yogurt that I enjoyed in its peach incarnation - on my break, as well as a vegan cinnamon bun. And I will definitely be returning for some of those donuts.

The Clever Rabbit's tidy selection of vegetarian brunch and lunch items are just what 124th Street needed. I'm looking forward to my next visit... and a piece of lentil loaf.

The Clever Rabbit Vegetarian Café
10724 124 Street
Hours: Tues-Sun (9am - 4:30pm)
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