Thursday, July 19, 2012

Berlin. London.

Right after Folk Fest I'll be heading to Berlin and then to London for a couple weeks. Charles will here in Edmonton holding down the fort before spending some time in Toronto later in the fall. Now that flights and accommodations are booked (I'll be in Kreuzberg in Berlin and Brixton in London) I'm busy pouring over blogs and seeking out travel advice for both cities.

Berlin: Certainly the more manageable of the two spots, I feel nine days will be enough time to trek around the city. Here's what I've got so far.

London: As you can see from our previous vacation posts, we've visited comparatively small cities that I felt I could get a handle on prior to arrival. London, of course, is proving to be much more difficult.

I've tracked down some spots I'd like to check out - recommendations from friends and family and from Orangette and Messy Little Cook. Other than that I'm at a slight loss, other than knowing I'd like to keep it mid-range or less. I'm planning to splurge on one lunch at NOPI - Downstairs on the Monday before I fly home. Here's what's on the agenda.

If you have suggestions, comments, etc., please leave them below or on the pages themselves. I really appreciate any help!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Street Fest

Since I usually post after these sorts of events, I figured I'd do a quick Street Fest post since there's an entire week left to check things out.

We stopped by on both Friday and Saturday evening and had a great time. So far our favourite performers are Grant Goldie, who's show includes miming, juggling and other cool, classy things, and The Adventurers Explorers League Club, two guys who roam the show with either backpacks or the fantastic canoes below.

Grant Goldie

The Adventurers Explorers League Club

Pancho Libre

Street Fest is on in Churchill Square up to and including next Sunday, July 15th. Performers are on from 11:30am-11pm. Make sure you check it out!