Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blue Fox Cafe - Victoria BC

We had a bit of a three quarter day in Victoria on Tuesday, with our flight not scheduled to depart until later in the afternoon. I was eager to try the Blue Fox Cafe for breakfast, located directly across the street from Cafe Brio, our dinner spot the previous evening.

We arrived around 9am Tuesday morning and were seated almost directly. However the place was still packed, with tables being filled almost immediately after the previous patrons had vacated. (On this Chowhound thread, one hound advises not to head to Blue Fox on weekends... you could be in for a wait lasting more than an hour!).

Charles was all about coffee that morning, while I went for an orange juice. Unlike the amazing juices offered at Rebar, I'm sure this one was out of the carton, but it satisfied my craving anyhow.

We were ironically sat at a table with these Edmonton to Victoria doodles...

...sadly we were heading in the other direction, towards snow.

Not really one for breakfast, Charles went for his standard - bacon and toast. I was eager to get some final seafood in before departing the City and went for the Eggs Pacifico ($11.5), an eggs benedict with avocado, smoked salmon, and a chipotle spread served on a bagel.

Our food was brought out almost immediately after placing our orders. They seem to be used to flipping tables, but their promptness was still initially surprising. Charles' breakfast was pretty standard, but what he appreciated was our server asking if he would liked his bacon cooked to a crisp, or left a bit softer... and in the end the bacon was cooked to what he thought was a pretty good crispy state. The Eggs Pacifico was pretty good too, with the creamy avocado, rich hollandaise sauce, smoky salmon and spicy chipotle all playing well together.

I know that Blue Fox is known for their portion sizes and fair prices, but I found the large size unfortunate since I only got through about half my plate. Next time, Charles and I will definitely need to agree on a plate to share.

With friendly service, prompt timing, good food, and, once again, a very relaxed atmosphere, we will certainly be returning to the Blue Fox Cafe. But next time, I know not to tackle one of those plates on my own.

Blue Fox Cafe
101-919 Fort Street
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*I believe reservations are taken for groups of 6 or more Monday through Friday, but not on weekends.

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