Sunday, August 29, 2010

Québec City - Le Lapin Sauté

Arriving in Québec City this past Monday a little later than hoped, Charles and I opted for a quick walk up to the Citadelle to take in the St. Lawrence, then it was off to Le Lapin Sauté for a late dinner.

(we walked through earlier the next day for the above two pictures)

Tucking into a spot on the patio that was perfect for people watching, a glass of Leffe Brown was quickly ordered for each of us. Food wise we decided on the rabbit and duck for two, a plate that included rabbit and duck leg confit, rabbit rillette, rabbit sausage, duck foie gras and smoked duck fillet.

Our plate appeared in no time, and upon its arrival I was glad that we had foregone appetizers - there was a lot to get through. Our favourites were easily the confit duck and rabbit, however the rabbit rillette was a close second for me, while Charles really enjoyed the smokiness of the fatty duck fillet. Other notables on the plate included preserved carrots and onions, some crispy bread full of seeds and nuts, and a lovely salad of herbs and fennel that cut through the richness of the plate nicely.

With Lapin Sauté's location smack dab in the middle of the touristy Quartier Petit Champlain, we were soon treated to an evening of harp playing by this gentleman...

How could you not linger for dessert?

Charles was all in for the maple créme brûlée, while I opted for a maple whisky. We were sad to find the créme brûlée lacking in the crackly top, however the custard was smooth and full of maple flavour as promised. My whisky was lovely, sweet and warm, and with the blanket provided on the back of my chair, we were able to sit and relax during our first evening in town.

Lapin Sauté seems to have struck a nice balance, accommodating both locals and tourists with good food and a dreamy atmosphere. Although we found more favourable spots as the week went on, neither of us would hesitate to return to the restaurant on our next visit.

Le Lapin Sauté
52, rue du Petit-Champlain

Saturday, August 21, 2010

And done.

We made pretty good time getting out of Gallagher this year, especially after all that rain...

Lake Five...

With a bit of wildlife

With the majority of my post-Festival paperwork done and the fall semester fast approaching, Charles and I have decided to head off to Quebec City this coming week.

So far we have reservations at Le Clocher Penché and Panache, along with a couple places on the 'must visit' list - l'Échaudé and le Lapin Sauté. And our hotel happens to include breakfast with the stay, so Pain Béni every morning it is.

Hopefully lots of posts upon return...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Edmonton Folk Fest 2010

I was hoping to blog more about Folk Fest this year - the food from Site Kitchen, the crew, the build, the weekend, and the concessionaires. But there was just too much going on work wise, and sadly blogging got put aside once again this year.

So here are a few of my favourites from the build and the weekend...

The Festival Kitchen...

The whole thing get's floored

A loading dock at the West end for food delivery is built

Hand and plate wash stations are plumbed in

Ovens in

Steamer in

Lots of electrical (and plumbing) to keep the place running

Prep tables in

Christmas in July turkey...

and croquembouche

Andrew... the site kitchen coordinator, tired of waiting for us to unload his gear

Heading into Gallagher for 'the take over'

The Weekend

I finally managed to escape the office Sunday afternoon for the 'Sweet Old World' Session

And for some Sunday evening main stage

Dining in the Festival Kitchen

Stand in line to get into the kitchen (yes, I'm that short)

Peruse the menu (the smoked salmon Nicoise was the hit)

Your badge gets punched

You're at the door and and are handed a plate

And in... I had to stop taking photos after this, as balancing the plate and camera became difficult. But beyond salads there are a few hot selections, and tables of fruit and dessert.

My favourites from the Festival Kitchen this year:
Elk tacos with mole sauce, chive creme fraiche and pickled slaw; with corn and barley salad and curried squash mash

And Saskatoon tarts for dessert

So all that's left now is to continue tearing everything down. That's the hard part. Then on to next year...