Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Belgravia Hub

After celebrating my dad's birthday at my parents' earlier in the afternoon, Charles and I stopped in at Belgravia Hub for dinner on the way home. Since my grandmother (Nanny), parents and aunt and uncle all living in the neighbourhood, it turned into a bit of a scouting mission that we were, of course, happy to take on.

We arrived for our 7pm reservation to a relatively full space. Although it was a little chilly, I was happy that the front windows - probably my favourite feature of the design - were still wide open. The rest of the space is beautiful, and takes full advantage of the natural light.

Drinks wise we opted for a bottle of Yukon Red each. While they have a few beers on tap, we were told the Alley Kat Amber had just been switched out for Sleeman's Honey Brown - A little disappointing. Other than the Grapefruit Squeeze (also Alley Kat), the rest of the beer offerings were standard fare. Here's hoping it's something they can work on.

For food, we skipped the 'Fill Up' section, opting to share items from the extensive Beginnings' list. Everything arrived at our table shortly after.

Lamb meatballs.

Fries and a very delicious sweet-smokey ketchup.

Mixed greens salad with pancetta and a perfectly poached egg.

Short rib sliders topped with a very enjoyable fennel slaw.

While I'm going to miss having a 'little bookstore' in the neighbourhood (some incarnation of it has held fast in that building as long as I can remember), this is a great addition to the neighbourhood. Throughout our visit, residents and neighbours clearly made up the majority of patrons, making the space incredibly friendly. Additionally, we found the prices accessible, meaning we wouldn't hesitate to stop for a drink and snack at the bar.

We are already looking forward to our next visit to Belgravia Hub (and I'm also hoping that brunch is in their future plans).

There is a bike rack on the side of the restaurant. Thoughtful!