Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rebar Modern Food - Victoria, BC

Charles and I ventured off 'early' Sunday morning, our third day in Victoria, in search of some breakfast. We ended up at Rebar, a vegetarian restaurant in Bastion Square, around 9am to find plenty of tables still available for Sunday brunch (I was a bit worried after reading up on Chowhound about the popularity of weekend brunch in Victoria and the resulting long line ups).

After being seated, we first perused an extensive list of juices, smoothies, coffees, and teas. Charles automatically jumped at a large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice ($4.5), while I went for a small pot of Angel Water tea, a herbal blend of elder flower, lavender, rose petals, red clover and mint, from Silk Road just a few blocks away (we did hit Silk Road up the day before for a couple tins of tea to bring home too).

Food wise, Charles went for something sweet, opting for whole wheat hotcakes with raspberry sour cream and maple syrup ($13). I was in for something savoury, and went for the smoked salmon scramble ($12.75).

Our food arrived soon after ordering, and we dug in. Charles pancakes were cooked perfectly (as in not doughy), and the raspberry sour cream provided a nice sweetness along with a necessary tart punch. My eggs were equally good, with nuggets of smoked salmon hidden throughout, as well as a satisfying amount of dill. This was all atop a pretty good poppy seed bagel.

Like Ferris', Rebar had a fantastic calm and relaxed vibe, with some really good reggae playing in the background throughout our visit too. With the favourable atmosphere combined with good food, we will definitely be back to Rebar for more breakfast.

Rebar Modern Food
50 Bastion Square
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*Rebar also has a vegetarian cookbook that we kept bumping into all over Victoria. You can find it on Amazon here, or directly through the restaurant itself here.


A Canadain Foodie said...

We have been here - and then Vanja bought me the cookbook for a surprise! I loved the restaurant feel and the nourishing corn chowder I ate that day there I have never forgotten! Thanls for the trip back!

Marianne said...

Glad this post helped! I flipped through the cookbook and wished I could have picked it up. But I just bought two of the Moosewood Veggie cookbooks, so I'm working my way through those first.

Mmmm. I bet they do make an amazing corn chowder.

Mariel said...

Woohoo my favorite restaurant ever from my home town! Also Silk Road is amazing too! Reading about all these places makes me want to plan a quick trip to visit family and eat my favorite things! I hope you got a chance to go to Pagliaci's...I crave that focaccia like a pregnant lady craves ice cream.

Marianne said...

I didn't get to go to Pagliaci's! Someone else recommended it too, and I'm sad I missed it. But I guess there's next time; I can't wait to head back. Hilarious... I have that problem too, with almost all bread.

I love Rebar Modern Food! said...

Wow, I had no idea Rebar had such an amazing breakfast! I have had lunch there many times and have been crazy about everything I have tried. Can't wait to now try their brunch menu!!!