Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday Brunch at Culina Highlands

We had good intentions of going to the Highlands Street Festival yesterday, but in the cold and pouring rain Charles decided to head into Mandolin Books for warmth, while I perused Sabrina Butterfly Designs (finding a fab shirt for a warmer day). As soon as our excursions were done, we gave in and decided it would be best to head over to Culina Highlands for brunch.

Arriving around 12:30pm, we stepped through the door and were hit with a lovely aroma of bacon wafting through from the open kitchen immediately to the left. The smallish seating area was pretty full, except for a cozy table for two near the window. We were provided with menus and water, then left to think things over. I decided on a black tea (~$3) and bacon and eggs ($15), while Charles opted for a cup of coffee (~$3) with bacon and toast ($8).

Our food came out pretty quickly, but they had great tunes going - the Beatles and later disc 1 of Joel Plaskett's 'Three' - so I'm sure we could have lasted awhile with our coffee and tea alone.

The eggs portion of my meal was represented by a savoury and perfectly soft frittata, topped with a rich, peppery mushroom sauce that I probably could have eaten an entire bowl of. The potatoes were also well done - not entirely mashed, but still soft and fluffy, topped with a refreshing heap of green onion. Although it was slightly oily, Charles and I both enjoyed the flavour of the Applewood bacon, which is smoked in-house - with lots of rich, smoky flavour, it was a great addition to a rainy Saturday afternoon.

As soon as our server mentioned chocolate pot du creme ($9), we were hooked on dessert. Just as it should be, the custard was silky, rich and intensely chocolatey, and the blackberries sitting on top provided a necessary tang.

We were glad to finally make it over to Culina Highlands, as it had been on our 'list' for some time. Happily we found a great atmosphere with fun Ukrainian decor touches, friendly, casual service, and fantastic food - we will definitely be returning... hopefully to test out the pyrohy.

Culina Highlands
6509 112 Ave
Phone. 780.477.2422
Hours: Tues - F (11-2 for lunch; 5-10 for dinner), Sa (10-2 for brunch; 5-10 for dinner), Su (10-2 for brunch)
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