Monday, August 6, 2012

Where did July go?

Once again I've let things slide a bit blog wise as the Festival approaches. We're just a couple days away which means it's crazy 12-hour-day time at the office for me, and long days on site for Charles.

I was hoping to get some posts up, but truthfully, we haven't really eaten out nor have we eaten at home in the past month. Instead, we've been fed by the Site Kitchen, a wonderful group of volunteers who prepare breakfast lunch and dinner during the build and teardown of site.

By far my favourite meal is Christmas in July, a celebratory meal that happens the day after we take over Gallagher Park. This year I volunteered to help cook Christmas dinner (instead of just showing up to eat) and Andrew (the Site Kitchen Coordinator) left me in charge of the vegetarian main.

I had quinoa and portobello mushrooms to work with, and ended up roasting the mushrooms then stuffing them with a mixture of quinoa, dried cranberries, pecans and garlic. I also snuck some chèvre in the centre of the mushrooms before topping them with the quinoa mixture. Combined with potatoes, stuffing, gravy and fantastic people the meal was memorable as per usual.

Waiting to serve the hungry masses

The Festival menu sounds great this year and I'm hoping to get in there with the camera a bit more this time around to capture baby kale salad and Bulgogi beef ribs, amongst other dishes. If you're around the Festival this weekend make sure you say 'Hi'!