Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A yummy Ticket Day lunch and a few concessionaires

Tickets for Folk Fest went on sale today and it was crazy... there were thirteen of us on calls and about half a dozen working the lines downstairs. The phone didn't stop ringing all day, and the line up was out the door all day. I'm now tending to a severe case of 'phone ear'. Anyhow, we sold out of Thursday evening tickets in four hours, and sold out of four day Festival passes in eight hours... exciting and nuts, but the show is going to be amazing!

I just wanted to give a big shout out and thanks to Tina, who provided hungry volunteers and us staff with lunch today. Yummy Italian Centre style sandwiches and pitas, quinoa salad and a pasta salad full of red peppers and olives, as well as pecan stuffed dates hand dipped in chocolate for dessert... yum. Here's a picture of some of Tina's amazing food that she provided for the line up announcement last Wednesday:

Just half the spread

Meatballs with a sauce that is still being raved about

Cucumbers with a creamy dill topping


Roasted red pepper and feta quiche

Dessert: more of those pecan stuffed dates, squares and fruit, plus a performance by the very fun Colleen Brown

I forgot to mention that our concessionaires for this year are all lined up: The Homefire Grill will be back in line to provide yummy bison sausage breakfast sandwiches, and of course Fat Franks, Kettle Corn and Green Onion Cakes will be around. But this year Irie Foods is jumping in, along with Numchock Wilai and Skinny Legs and Cowgirls... I'm curious to see what SL&C will be offering. But, as per usual, it sounds like good eats this year.


erika said...

You guys did a great job - everything was so efficient. Sorry to hear about your phone ear though :( I am so glad I didn't procrastinate about getting tickets this year or we would have been sorely disappointed.It sounds like it will yet again be a great weekend.

Marianne said...

That's great to hear, Erika. So glad you got your tickets. Thanks, no worries... I think I was exaggerating after a long day. And it was nice to pick up the phone to incredibly excited patrons... plus it helps me get into work mode. My boss always says, "Now they are coming, so we must build!"

I agree, the weekend is going to be fantastic this year! See you on the hill!

A Canadian Foodie said...

So you are volunteering for Folk Fest? And who is Tina and what is the name of her catering company - or the one she hired that put out the great food for you. I am curious about the meatballs and the sauce.
I didn't know you did this last year. We go away every summer so miss out on most of the city fun and what is happening.
Hope you got my e-mail - sent it out last Saturday re: Taste Tripping Party.

Marianne said...

Valerie, Tina is a volunteer in our kitchen that used to have a catering company, but she is now retired. I can definitely check with her on that sauce though, to see if she would be willing to share the recipe.

I'm actually a staff member at Folk Fest (Production Assistant), but Charles volunteers. It is a fun time, but I understand needing to get out of the city.

I did get your e-mail, and I'm sorry I haven't replied yet! But I will be coming and will RSVP via e-mail ASAP.