Friday, December 3, 2010

Origin India

Deciding to put off pizza making until tomorrow evening, we walked down Whyte to Origin India for dinner tonight. We've been quite a few times since they've opened, and usually ordering off the menu, Charles requested that we try the buffet this evening.

For $20 each, we got far more variety than ordering off the menu, although we missed favourites like samosas and saffron rice (which I suppose could have been ordered on the side). That said, I got to fill up on copious amounts of Aloo Gobhi, Chana Masala and the Paneer dish (things Charles doesn't care for as much), while he went straight for the butter chicken. There were lovely chutneys arranged on the side, and we were provided with fresh, piping hot Naan whenever needed. While we enjoyed the buffet, I think it'll be back to the menu next time for a little more freshness and those dishes which don't make it onto the buffet line (I also enjoy taking home leftovers, and sadly the buffet doesn't allow for this).

Origin India often claims of having the best Butter Chicken in Edmonton, and while I'm not familiar enough with the various versions around the City to enter a debate, I have to say, we have enjoyed it in the past in their wraps, as well as tonight from the buffet. Moist chicken and the delicately spiced smooth, creamy sauce make for a wonderful, warm combo, and it's certainly lovely with their Naan.

And when I arrived home this evening, as I unravelled my scarf, I realized the butter chicken aroma had escaped from the dish becoming trapped in the fibres of my scarf. I asked Charles to smell it, and he immediately said, "Wow! That smells like butter chicken!" Anyhow, although I know my scarf won't smell like that forever, I hope it at least persists until tomorrow sometime (I'm still working on smell for a school project, so this is not the last time the smell subject will come up...).

Finally, I got a few pieces of melon for dessert and a single Gulab Jamun, which was the perfect sticky, sweet ending. I noticed they had rice pudding (Kheer) and a couple other items out as well - Rasmalai (cheese balls cooked in milk) and Rasgula (cheese balls in sugar syrup). Next time I'll have to make a note to leave more room for dessert.

Origin India
10511 82 Avenue
Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week; take out window open until 3am on weekends
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