Saturday, December 4, 2010

Duchess - The Holiday Goods

Does anyone else go crazy for the special treats that come out around the holidays? Duchess posted yesterday on Candy Cane Meringues, Pates de Fruits, Croquembouche, Bûche de Noël, and not necessarily a Christmas item, but a weekend macaron flavour of Strawberry and Balsamic Vinegar.

So Charles and I headed over with my parents and Nanny this morning to sample a few goods. It was coffee all around, along with an almond croissant for my dad, a butter tart for my Nanny (she said it was one of the best ones she had ever tried), dark chocolate, strawberry-balsamic and amazing gingerbread macarons to share, an excellent Candy Cane Meringue, also to share, and Charles inhaled the entire maple-pecan pie above all by himself... clearly he's prepping for tourtière, pecan squares, sucre à la crème and similar holiday treats coming up in a couple weeks.

Also, have you checked out the gingerbread Notre Dame de Paris that Garner Beggs built? It's amazing, and requires getting up close and personal to check out the detail... specifically in the evening when the candied windows are lit via christmas lights. And because you made the trek to see this awe inspiring masterpiece of baking and architecture, you of course deserve a treat... gingerbread macaron, anyone?

Duchess Bake Shop
10720 124 Street
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A Canadian Foodie said...

I AM IN. I took Maria there last Saturday and we had to sit in the car and drink our coffee. So sad for us and good for them. I didn't see any of the Christmas goodies then - but it wasn't December then. Glad you pointed out the gingerbread link. I didn't know abou tit, either. THANK YOU, Marianne... and I heard that Kristine's CHocolate party was really fun Saturday. I was too tired after cookie baking. The kiddies making the gingerbread will follow tomorrow!
Big hug,

Marianne said...

Lol! I was a bit worried about getting a table, but the big one in the front was absolutely free when we arrived, so perfect timing. Yep, I think the Christmas items were new for this weekend, and definitely check out the gingerbread house... it's front and centre in the window, so there's no missing it.

Understandable. It was really fun, and there were lots of new customers. Although it was incredibly busy and you could barely move in the Shop, so probably better that you relaxed after a busy afternoon! I'll definitely head over for that post. Cheers, Valerie!