Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yeah, nope - Rodeo Burger

With me on my way back to the library Monday evening, and Charles meeting up with a friend, we decided to give Rodeo Burger a try. On good days, I pass this place twice on my way to and from class, and on busy days, many times more; and at least once a week we receive a flyer in our mail box.  After thoughts from both Sharon and Chris, I was eager to finally try the place.

Walking into a fairly full space around 6:30pm, we arrived at the counter and began to peruse the menu. Not really sure what to go with, we each ended up with a "Rodeo Burger" with their suggested toppings - tomato, 'Rodeo Sauce', relish, ketchup, lettuce, caramelized onions and pickles. A little surprised when our order came to almost $20 (two burgers with fries and a water for me), we were expecting great things.

What arrived at our table looked pretty good. Golden, crispy (sea salted vs. seasoned) fries spilling out of their containers and a burgers wrapped loosely in brown paper. Unwrapping our burgers, we were met with a lot of lettuce, a thin patty, but with a bun that looked appetizing, and which was given a good layer of their house relish, 'made fresh several times daily with fresh cucumbers'.

I don't think anything here was much of a win. The patty was incredibly thin and didn't provide much flavour. I did enjoy the house made relish - fresh, a little tangy and just pleasant - as well as the topping of caramelized onions. The fries didn't fare well either. Pretty salty, they also tasted like raw potatoes, or maybe those green ones that don't provide that satisfying potato richness.

For us, this spot is simply a pass, but while there, I overheard two patrons tell the person at the counter how much they enjoyed everything... so I guess I would say give this place a try and see if it fits.

Rodeo Burger
8525B 112 Street
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Anonymous said...

The burgers at rodeo burger are extremely flavourful. If one patty wasn't enough you should have just made it a double. Clearly you haven't tried many gourmet burger places, this is the best burger in Edmonton bar none.

Marianne said...

Fair enough. Everyone's got their own opinions and favourites.

I disagree. I don't think you should order a burger and have to order an extra patty to make it substantial - just make the one patty substantial in itself.

I'm also not totally sure what you mean by 'gourmet burger places.' I've had other burgers around the City that have been amazing - Blue Plate, High Level Diner, the one from Packrat Louie discussed above, and one last week at Fat Burger, just to name a few, and I didn't feel Rodeo Burger came close.

As I noted at the end of the post, this place just wasn't for us, and we'd rather head elsewhere for a burger. If it fits for you, that's fantastic.

Angela Hawryluk said...

Agreed! We were just there tonight and had the same sentiments. @anonymous - if I want a 'gourmet burger' that isn't from my own grill, I'll be doing Delux over Rodeo any day.