Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A paper writing pot-luck

On Sunday afternoon my 'Anthropology of Health and Healing' group got together to work on our term paper, and this was the sight of our table in the Rutherford South common room at the end of the day:

One of our group members had the great idea to combine paper writing with potluck, which made the four hours spent at the library far more pleasant, although there was a little more procrastination than normal. We had quite a few students walking by giving us strange looks as we chowed down on pork dumplings, spring rolls, spinach dip, turkey loaf, vegetables, potato salad, chocolate (Zotter's Scotch Whisky Highland Harvest bar, to be exact) and cheesecake, but secretly, we knew they would have liked to join in on our library potluck.

**Thanks to Claire for her picture via Blackberry... and the potluck-paper combo.

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