Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Bothy

My friend Brenna and I headed over to The Bothy Friday evening for dinner, a whisky and a much needed 'catch up' session. Although I didn't bring my camera, I thought I'd do a quick write up since our visit was fantastic.

We ordered a three item cheese and charcuterie board ($17) that consisted of a one year old smoked cheddar, the aged Sylvan Star gouda and the Berkshire Pork rillette, along with the smoked salmon ($13), served on rye with capers and red onion, with an amazing whisky maple gastrique drizzled over the top. And to round things off, a half sized apple and cucumber salad ($7), with grainy dijon and truffle dressing.

New to whisky, we asked them to pair something with our food, and a glass of Clynelish 14 year was suggested. It was lovely - light, sweet, and full of caramel and vanilla, this whisky was a lovely way to begin the evening, and was amazing with the salmon.

After polishing off our food, we decided one more glass was in order, so Andrew (the 'kilted Scotsman', as the website says) came over to find out what we were looking for. In for something more rich to round out the evening, he thought the Aberlour A'bunadh would be best. At 60% this one was intense, but as he said it would, the alcohol level (after diluting it to ~55% as suggested) cut well through the intense sweetness, and it was great to sip as we gave in to an offer of warm apple pie ($7).

I hope to head back to The Bothy soon. Friendly, helpful service, incredible food, a relaxed and warm atmosphere, lots of laughing people... just great! And pictures next time - I promise.

The Bothy - Wine & Whisky Bar
5482 Calgary Trail
Hours: M (Closed); T-Su (11:30AM until late)
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erika said...

This place sounds great - thanks for sharing it with us. Pie and whisky is not a combination I would have ever thought of.

Isabelle said...

Isn't this place great? If it wasn't so far I'd go back very often ... that apple pie was SO good!

Marianne said...

Erika - me neither, but it sure did work.

Isabelle - It definitely was. It's too bad they couldn't be downtown or something. I know on their website they say the bus runs right past their place, but I think it's the 52 and it only runs every hour or something.

Anonymous said...

Loosen your belt ???? There wasn't enough food to feed a sparrow... Were you paid to write this review ???

Marianne said...

Anon - Well, this review was posted a year and a half ago, and I haven't been to The Bothy since last winter, so I'm guessing their portion sizes may have changed (further more, appropriate portion size changes depending on the person).

And no, I was not paid to write this review. Portion sizes good or bad, I would still suggest this place to anyone looking for tasty food, an amazing scotch selection and knowledgable staff behind the bar.