Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wild Earth is ready!

Wild Earth (8902 99 Street) is done with renos and the final product is amazing! A nice cozy space with ample seating, a warm fireplace, good coffee and of course, yummy baked goods as per usual. Best of all, they are baking in the house kitchen again (baking was moved a few blocks off site during renos), so the lovely smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns will be returning!

They hosted a preview and celebration of the new space this evening with a packed house full of regulars, and since Wild Earth is almost a daily stop for Charles, we were happy to be included. Here's some pictures of the new space:

Tea and tarts back in their appropriate spot

Cookie tree!

The new coffee setup

Desserts for sampling... I was all for the banana bread with browned butter honey icing

They are back to regular hours beginning tomorrow, and we encourage you to stop by for coffee or tea, a treat, and a relaxing break in the new space.

Wild Earth Cafe and Bakery
8902 99 Street
Hours: M-W (6am - 9pm); Th-F (6am - 10pm); Sa (8am - 10pm); Su (8am - 9pm)

PS. Here are a bunch of pictures we took of the completed 'phase one' a few weeks ago


erika said...

Looks fabulous - I can't wait to stop over and check out their new digs. I love how some people can take coffee to the next level.

A Canadian Foodie said...

You are becoming the local restaurant review QUEEN. Wonderful write up. Loved the photos. I must get there. That latte is calling my name. I am behind on my reads - report card time - I will catch up - but this is stellar information and I appreciate it!

Marianne said...

Erika - Me too. I think they are really starting to focus on that side of things, which is lovely.

Valerie - Thanks! Completely understand. Good luck with them, and we'll see you at the end of the month.