Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A meeting, burgers and beer

We really wanted to go to Indulgence last night, but alas, our very first site meeting happened to fall on the same evening so we were forced to skip the event this year. So while preparing for 100 or so site crew to show up, we decided to grab some High Level Diner for take out...

Veggie burger (minus mayo and tomato plus cheese)

Ural burger (minus tomato)

House condiments (beet relish, corn relish, house ketchup and dijon)

My favourite... the beet relish

After what turned out to be a lengthy meeting, with about 150 people showing up, we decided a beer at Sugarbowl was in order, so we headed over with a few others to indulge. I'm happy to see that they have added a chocolate mousse to the menu. We became quite addicted to their chocolate souffle awhile back, and the mousse seems to be sort of equal chocolate wise, with chunks of chocolate studding the whole thing. I also love that they served it in a Leffe glass. (Our server also said they are currently doing an 'overhaul' of the menu, and will be bringing back some old favourites... she thought the souffle probably wouldn't be returning, though.)

The meeting continues... after we were all full of beer and mousse

Trying to find something unique to attend in lieu of Indulgence, we stumbled onto Opera al Fresco, which will be held at the Devonian Gardens this coming Friday. Three performances in three different gardens, with stops throughout the gardens for hors d'oeuvres and En Sante wines. Sounds a little Indulgence-esque (with some opera thrown in for good measure), so we'll see how it goes and report back.

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