Friday, February 7, 2014

Edmonton Food Blogger Meet-up!

Thanks to everyone who came out (20 blogs were represented), and to The Common for hosting! You can check out tweets and photos from the evening using the hashtag #yegfoodblogs
A couple years ago Maki and I decided it was time to start planning the next Edmonton food blogger meet up. Here we are in 2014, actually doing it.

Are you a food or drink blogger in this fair city? Do you read your fellow bloggers' blogs or pass by them at events, but haven't actually met them or been able to chat? Now's your chance!

{9910 109 Street}
Tuesday, March 4th

The Common has provided the use of their south room for the evening (thank you, thank you!) so we can easily mingle, and come and go as needed (**). Come for drinks, a snack, dinner - It's your choice - Just make sure you come! And please help us spread the word!

In order to firm up numbers for the restaurant reservation, please let us know if you are able to attend, and if you will be bringing a plus one. We would also like to keep a running list of attendees so that we can get to know you and your blog before we meet you. Here's what we need...

Your name, blog link and number of people attending
in email to
Marianne: loosenyourbeltblog {at} gmail {dot} com AND/OR Maki: oomelement {at} gmail {dot} com

**The Common will be taking orders from the regular food and drink menu, so there will be no shortage of options. You are responsible for paying for your own food and drink, peeps! They will be charging an automatic 18% gratuity on orders. Must be 18+ to attend.

YEG Food/Drink Bloggers in Attendance
{Updated March 4th}

Marianne - Loosen Your Belt
Phil - Baconhound
Linda - Linda Hoang dot com
Brittney - Gastropost Edmonton
Liv - Dine and Write
Cindy - Let's Om Nom
Shannon - Whole, Fresh, Delicious
Cathy - Walsh Cooks
Jacquie - Parkallen Home Kitchen
Sharman - Passion For Pork
Jackie & Steph - Meat Vs Veg Edmonton
Caroline - CarolineYEG
Carla - YEG Food Club
Lindsay - Will Cook For Cocktails
Sharon - Only Here for the Food
Evonne - Undercover Gourmet
Lillian - Beyond Umami
Michelle - The Tiffin Box
Salma - Green Onion Cakes
Karlynn - The Kitchen Magpie
Lindsay - The Edible Woman
Eva - Mr. Moo's Adventures

 Catch them at the next one!
Isabelle - The Little Red Kitchen
Elyse - Life Without Lemons
Kevin - Kevin Kossowan
Chris - Eating is the Hard Part
Robyn - Life is Better Red
Courtenay - Messy Little Cook
Jason - On

We'll update these lists regularly as emails come in. Looking forward to meeting you!


Maki said...

Yay! It will be so fun!

Isabelle said...

Awwww, I'd love to come but my book club has a potluck that night. Hopefully I can attend the next one. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

We'll miss you, Isabelle!

Elyse Chatterton said...

If it wasn't my husbands 40th birthday that day I would loved to have joined you! Will hopefully make it to another- do you just do this once a year?

Unknown said...

Elyse - Fair enough! This is the first one that has happened in sometime (at least four years), but we've already been chatting about putting together another one later in 2014 :-)

Anonymous said...

Always exciting, but sadly I will most likely be unable to attend. I certainly miss having these events.