Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter and Almost Chocolate

While I was hoping to get some free time this weekend, as mentioned in the post below, I'm still in essay mode, and I've also been working on a 'creative academic poster' most of the weekend. My Prof. does not want us to have the thing printed, nor does she want us to pay much for the materials... she basically said to break out the glue stick and get crafty, so I stuck chocolate bar wrappers all over it, and used pictures of cacao beans from Amano's website.

I know this isn't quite like getting real chocolate for Easter, but this project is on cacao, so there's got to be a link in there somewhere. Have a Happy Easter weekend, and I hope you did get some actual chocolate to munch on!


Chef Laurel said...

You know how I was not a fan of chocolate? Turns out I loved chocolate in Belgium! I guess the quality plays a huge role... I might have to go to Kerstin's Chocolates now. I think I remember reading you were working there occasionally... are you still?

Marianne said...

Quality is such a big part of it. I'm so glad you found some you liked! I brought some chocolate to serve with my poster presentation, and I think I converted some people who had previously sworn off dark chocolate.

Loved reading about your trip, BTW. I'm wanting to head over to Europe more than ever right now.

Definitely come visit! I'm there on Saturdays, although it's a bit sparse right now since I'm heading into exams. This weekend I'm in, then not until May. But stop by anyhow and check things out.

Chef Laurel said...

We might come visit you tomorrow!