Sunday, April 11, 2010

19 Days and Counting

We had a lovely break on Vancouver Island last May, and I'm happy to say that we are heading back at the end of April/beginning of May, for a short break - school will be over, and the craziness of Folk Fest will not hit until mid-May (I hope)... theoretically perfect timing.

While we enjoyed Brentwood Bay Lodge immensely last year, we decided to stay right in Victoria this time - mostly because of transit, and that we want to explore Victoria some more this year, but also because the amazing two for one deal we got last year isn't on offer.

View from our room's balcony... so serene

I realized that I didn't write up any of our our food stops in Victoria last year, except for our breakfast at the hotel, and our restaurant stop in Brentwood Bay itself. We also went to Brasserie L'école (1715 Government St) in Victoria, and it was completely amazing! This is one of those times I'm glad to be a Chowhound addict... thanks to all those Victoria foodies for such great recommendations!

Brasserie L'école had the best beer selection I had ever seen - it was as big and complex as the wine list, and I was immediately won over. On top of that, both the food and service were amazing, and the prices were definitely reasonable (for two of us, with a few beers each, a shared appetizer, entrees, desserts and coffee, we got out around $90). We are going to try and head back this year (I'm determined to get pictures this time), although I see they are no longer accepting reservations, so we'll see if we can get a table.

The other spot we made it to, that is certainly on the list again this year, is Red Fish Blue Fish (1006 Wharf Street). It's right on the inner harbour, and seems to be a spot for both locals and tourists (it's worth the line up... stick it out). They use a light tempura batter for their fish, and best of all, the fish is sustainably caught, there's lots of local stuff, and it's all certified through the Ocean Wise program. Everything we had was so good... especially the scallop 'tacone'.

Halibut ($11)

BBQ Qualicum Bay Scallop Tacones ($7)

Cod ($10)

I can't wait to head out again... the ocean is so alluring. 19 Days and counting.


erika said...

We learnt to scuba at their dive shop - one of the most memorable trips we have taken. You should try it if you have the time. Enjoy your time out there!

erika said...

ps - you have to try -

Marianne said...

Scuba sounds amazing! Right now we're scheduled for zip lining, but I'll attempt to talk Charles into a possible scuba class.

I love oysters, so thanks for the suggestion! Their menu looks great... plus there are some non-oyster items for Charles. Always a plus.

A Canadian Foodie said...

Marianne! I am not keeping up with all of your posts! I am so glad to see you have a subscribe by e-mail button here now. This was a fantastic window into your trip. I love it there. I need to go back... So wonderful for you both to have a well deserved break. I am going to read the others - probably this weekend - or after work today.
Darn - the subscribe by e-mail is only for follow up comments. can you find a plug in on blogspot that lets your readers get your new posts in their mailbox? That would help me keep up - and probably a lot of others, a great deal!

A Canadian Foodie said...

PS - did you know that foodie suz has posted a reference to you nd this trip on her site... I get hers to my mailbox and that's how I came here faster than I normally would have (on my weekend update time)

Marianne said...

I'll try and find a gadget that will e-mail my posts. I agree, those are handy.

Thanks. We love it there too. It's so relaxing and laid back - these are things that I find Edmonton often lacks. I was born in Victoria and spent pre-school years in Sidney, and there is always something so refreshing about going back to the ocean.

I did see foodie suz' reference! Very nice of her!

Anonymous said...

What Zipline company did you go with in Victoria?

Marianne said...

@ Anoon - We didn't end up going, but we had booked with Adrenaline.