Monday, March 29, 2010


We went to ZINC on Friday night, and while we enjoyed most of our food and all of the beautiful plating, the service was no where near smooth or professional. Our server was very nice, but it was clear he needed more training. Maybe they still need time, but I really thought they would have gotten it together after two months.

I'm in the middle of essays right now, so more details to come, but for now here are some (dark and blurry) pictures!

The view!

House made thyme butter and warm brioche

A very sweet AGA Berry Cosmo and an Innis & Gunn

Amuse bouche - cucumber, creme fraiche and earl grey tea smoked salmon

Roasted Beet Salad with goat cheese puree, Beet and Rose Petal Honey Reduction, Beet Carpaccio & Carrot Juice ($14; the carrot juice was a palate cleanser before the next course. Charles' House Salad came with cucumber water as the palate cleanser - we loved this element!)

For me: Pan Seared Wild Alberta Pickerel ($34) with Pickled Mushrooms, Edamame Beans, Beets & Warm Potato Espuma (aka. foam); I was happy to hear that Zinc is part of Ocean Wise through the Vancouver Aquarium! I think this program is finally starting to gain some ground in Edmonton.... Here is an article about the program and some of the aquaculture issues from Avenue Magazine's March issue.

For Charles: Black Cod poached in a Barigoule Stock, Warm Fennel Salad, Brunoise of Cucumber and Potato in Creme Fraiche, Wild Boar Bacon, Basil Tarragon Emulsion ($36)

Charles and one of their beautiful blue water goblets

Charles: Vanilla Espresso Creme Brulee with Praline Hazelnut Gelato and Strawberry Foam ($12)

Me: Dark Callebaut Chocolate Flourless Cake (I really wish they would have used Valrhona here to punch up the chocolate) with Raspberry Sorbet and Mission Fig Compote ($12). They matched this with a complimentary glass of Maple Ice Wine from Quebec in honour of my birthday.

2 Sir Winston Churchill Square


Isabelle said...

ooo...can't wait to hear more. Food sounds fab but I have heard similar things about the service. Too bad that haven't gotten that straightened out yet. love your chocolate comment!

Mariel said...

Wow, very fancy food! I love your restaurant reviews, especially since you two always pick the most interesting and brand new spots to eat at in Edmonton. See - I somehow didn't even know that the art gallery had this little restaurant as a part of it!

Marianne said...

Thanks, Isabelle. I'm certainly not writing them off yet, but it was pretty disappointing that they aren't there yet.

I was certainly looking forward to the new AGA for this spot (although I love the gallery in general... it's so fantastic!). There's a little cafe opening on the 3rd floor soon too. Hopefully it will be the perfect spot for a coffee, pastry and view of the City!

A Canadian Foodie said...

We felt the same about the service. We were there early in March. We had the waiter that quipped something annoying like " you shall have it" immediately after every request. After a while, I just wanted to slap him, and I am far from a violent person. I mean, stop chanting, and speak!
I agree with you on the cake. It was too small for the kind of cake it was for the 12 dollar price tag. I expected a decadent, intense treat. Instead, it was nice. The spun sugar was divine, though... wasn't it?
We had soup - not on the menu - but so hot we had to wait over 15 minutes to eat it... but it was outstanding!
Our friend had the fish and it was tiny. Appetizer size, almost... but perfectly cooked and beautifully plated. A gorgeous venu. Great idea for food. Hopefully, the kinks will get worked out very soon, or they may be out of business. And that would be too too sad!

Marianne said...

Valerie: I'm pretty sure the "you shall have it" waiter was serving the couple sitting across from us... I know what you mean.

The sugar was lovely! But I definitely didn't think it was worth the $12 price tag either. I did like the sorbet though... it provided a nice contrast, and would have been even better with a more decadent piece of cake.

I know. The space is so lovely, and they are on to something, so I hope they work out the kinks too. Potentially a great spot! I can't wait to try the Terrace cafe though.