Thursday, April 8, 2010

Carrot Dip and Carbs

My partner and I got through our presentation on the organic and local food movements this past Tuesday unscathed. Presentations are the worst for me... I get nervous days in advance, so I was glad this one went off without a hitch. We're finishing up our paper on the topic this weekend, so eventually (likely after exams), I'm going to try and summarize some of our findings here.

We had to bring food for our classmates that went along with our topic, so we decided on the Carrot Spread from "We Eat Together," and a loaf of organic bread from Tree Stone to go along with it. Everyone seemed to like it, but luckily there was some left for me to snack on today. I have to say, the carrot spread was better the second day, once the cumin and vinegar had a bit of a chance to mellow.

Leftovers for me!

Charles very nicely went to Tree Stone to pick up the bread Tuesday morning, and we did a fantastic hand off as I ran from my History of Modern Art class, down HUB, to Anthro of Food. Yvan was testing out bagel recipes that morning, and gave Charles two versions to try, asking him to report back in a couple days with thoughts. Since he's still working things out, I won't comment here on taste, texture, etc., but I will say that we ate them this morning with Maple Honey... yum!


Isabelle said...

I love tree stone, and I'm pretty pumped that he'll be making bagels. And donuts! I've wanted to make that carrot spread before, too, but without a food processor I feel it won't really work. Glad your presentation went well!

Marianne said...

The donuts are going to be lovely... I can't wait! The food processor definitely makes it smooth. Do you have a food mill, though? Thanks... we ended up getting an 'A', so definitely happy with that.

A Canadian Foodie said...

I have wanted to try that Carrot Dip and haven't yet. Is it sweet? Tree Stone is great - but baking your own is better. :)
I can't imagine you nervous at this kind of demonstration. YOU ARE A PRO. Do your profs know about your site? Ia certain that this kind of effort could easily count as an entire course. My daughter did a site on her OT placement experiences as a personal thing when she was taking her Masters. Her prof saw it - gave her extra credits, and then it was a huge boost to her first work placements. Her postings revealed who she was and how she solved problems and worked with her clients. What more could you want than that if you are hiring an OT... and you clearly have a handle on the importance food plays in our lives, our economy, and how our relationship with food in this technological culture has changed over time. Your reflections are evidence of that.
Great reading!

Marianne said...

The carrot dip is definitely sweet, although I think the apple cider vinegar does a good job of balancing it a bit. I also think it would have gone better with some pita bread, as suggested in the book. I know. The smell of the bread baking, the stress relieved with the kneading... I should have jumped into Bread Baker's Apprentice and made a loaf. This summer, more bread baking!

This was certainly the best presentation I've done yet... I was really comfortable speaking on the topic. Thanks, Valerie! I was certainly going to try and use the blog in the future for my resume, etc., but I never really thought about incorporating it into school... strange since I've been incorporating my school work into the blog. Your daughter was right, it is a great showcase of the type of work a person is able to do, and it does show who they are. I'm certainly going to keep that in mind.

Thanks, Valerie!