Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oodle Noodle: Jasper Avenue

I remember my first trip to Oodle Noodle - I had stopped at the Whyte Avenue location with my dad after my very first semester at U of A. The noodle boxes were tasty and the crazy strobe lights and singing and dancing employees were even better.

Since then they've expanded incredibly, with four franchised locations throughout the City and a 'Downtown 2' location in the works. Due to a last minute call into work on Sunday, Charles and I found ourselves at the Jasper Ave location for some quick eats.

Generally, I pass straight by a packed Oodle Noodle during weekday lunch hours and head the half block over to Drift for a sandwich (sadly they're now closed for the winter... there's catering, though!). On Sunday though, the place was quiet and our orders came up quickly - two lemongrass boxes, one with tofu for me, and one with beef for Charles.

As in the past, the noodles seemed slightly oily, but in general I found some improvement at this location compared to my last few encounters at their Whyte Ave local. The 'seasonal' vegetables - broccoli, carrot and cabbage - were still crunchy, and although I would have appreciated some more flavour via the sauce, Sriracha livened things up a bit. Charles consumed his noodles in no time, so I'll assume he concurs with most of my thoughts...

Although I can't necessarily see myself waiting in line for one of their boxes at lunch, evening and weekend visits are certainly in the cards. And actually, Rachel and I found ourselves there again on Thursday evening for a quick and in the end, satisfying, pre-chocolate tasting bite. The guy at the wok was even dancing.

Oodle Noodle - Downtown
10842 Jasper Avenue
Hours: Su - Th 11am-10pm, F-Sa 11am-11pm
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Anonymous said...

Marianne, I always walk past the Jasper Ave location on my way to visit my parents but I haven't been tempted to go in yet. I think we'll have to go one of these Sundays. The first time I went to Oodle Noodle was a long time ago but I remember it was minus 25 outside and all you could see looking in through the steamed-up windows were the rainbow Christmas lights. :)

Marianne said...

Claire, we should definitely do that. Oodle Noodle definitely takes on a certain charm when it's freezing out... lights, fire, loud music. It makes it all a little bit better.