Sunday, November 20, 2011

Leaving the familiar for Padmanadi

That's what we've been doing a lot of lately - the familiar. Transcend, DaCapo, Sugarbowl, repeat. We're trying to make the most of Garneau, since we'll be moving out of the neighbourhood, across the creek and into downtown/Oliver at the end of the year. Simultaneously sad and exciting.

Tonight, however, we ventured away from our regular hangouts to head to Padmanadi with Tanya after some puppy sitting. Neither Charles or I had visited the spot in sometime (although Charles mentioned just last week that he would like to swing by). The food is as good as ever, and the atmosphere is eternally friendly and welcoming. The three of us indulged in some favourites:

Bean curd "drumsticks"

The famed Curry "chicken"

Ginger "beef"

Shanghai Baby Bok Choy

Creamy rice pudding with coconut milk and cinnamon

We also swooned over their cups. Charles got a heart shaped cup and saucer full of coffee, while Tanya and I received our Jasmine tea in a couple green beauties.

I always forget just how comforting a trip to Padmanadi is. Here's hoping for many more visits throughout the cooler months.

10740 101 Street

P.S. Here is said puppy - Willow - who recently came home with Tanya. How could you turn down a request to look after her for a couple hours?

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