Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Da Capo breakfast

On Sunday Charles and I made our way over to Da Capo for a comparatively quiet breakfast, whilst lineups around us at Sugarbowl, High Level Diner and Urban Diner twisted out the door.

This is the second time I've had their goat cheese and vegetable frittata ($12) and it hit the spot once again. The egg was incredibly light with pockets of lovely, tart goat cheese and roasted zucchini and red pepper throughout. Hash-browns are well spiced, though a little more crispness would be welcomed.

 Breakfast under the looming clouds.

Compared to other spots in the area, we greatly appreciate that Da Capo makes fresh juice to order. This orange juice was sweet and full of pulp - the perfect breakfast accompaniment. As for Charles latte, it was smooth and rich as per usual.

Da Capo Caffe
8738 109 Street
Breakfast until 11am on weekdays and 12pm on weekends.

*I'll stop posting on Da Capo... one day...


Anonymous said...

Emma is busy at DaCapo learning to flip eggs properly! She has convinced my mother to buy a particular pan in order to practice. That is dedication :) Maybe she made your breakfast!

Marianne said...

Lol! That's hilarious! The eggs are excellent, so all the practice (and the pan) are definitely paying off... at least from where I'm sitting ;-)