Thursday, June 16, 2011

Popcorn Adventures

A few weeks ago Charles and I were wandering through Wild Earth Foods and ran into a shelf housing about seven different types of Fireworks Popcorn. Previously we had been lamenting the lack of kernel options, so this seemed right up our alley. After lingering in front of the jars for some time, we eventually decided on the Autumn Blaze variety - small kernels with a subtle crunch, and a light, crisp texture.

We got rid of our popcorn maker over the winter and I was a little worried about using the stove - my brother and I burnt the bottom of our mom's pot utilizing this method when we were younger. But these kernels worked well on the stove and almost all of them 'popped'. We did 2/3 1/3 cup popcorn to 2 tablespoons canola oil.


This variety definitely has a great flavour - movie popcorn-ish without all the salt. Next time though I think something with larger kernels is in order. Maybe the Harvest Blend or High Mountain Midnight... At any rate it was a nice accompaniment to Where the Green Ants Dream.

We spoiled ourselves with a little bit of butter.


Anonymous said...

How exciting! I was thrilled when I found Bulk Barn sold Jumbo Popcorn (the kind that pops those large round kernels - looks like mouse brains says Michael). Now I'll check out Wild Earth. I have been lamenting the lack of choice in popcorn in regular grocery stores, so this is great news indeed! Thank you!

Marianne said...

Definitely going to check out Bulk Barn. I know - it's so difficult to find good popping corn. This stuff definitely isn't cheap, but it was so good.