Thursday, June 23, 2011

Celebratory beer.

Well, my degree has actually come to a finish. No more papers, assignments or exams to hinder blogging, even come September. So to celebrate we met up with some friends at Sugarbowl for a beer (or two) this past Monday. We managed to snag a table by the open window and our favourite server took care of us for the evening - excellent.

 Milk Stout - Seriously, it had lactose in it. Though it wasn't my favourite (a little 'sour' and not quite smooth enough) it was an interesting way to start the evening.

For Charles - A hoppy IPA.

Also at the table was Half Pints' Little Scrapper IPA and the amazing Alberta Crude Oatmeal Stout from Wild Rose Brewery. The stout is truly lovely - creamy and smooth yet light enough for a warm (or rainy) summer evening. And since it's only been released on tap, I encourage you to head to Sugarbowl for a pint.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maryanne & congrats on the finality, lol! Darrell here. wasn't really impressed with the Vache Folle(milk stout)either. I was however very impressed by the other Charlevoix beer I bought the same day, but I think I'd mentioned that - their Dominus Vobiscum Blanche. Anyway on the topic of Quebec beer, I want to try the Corne du Diable - I just finished a 4-pack of their(Dieu du Ciel's)Chaman, an Imperial or Double IPA. Quite nice, got it at Keg'n'Cork...according to the DdC website or was it RateBeer(?)it's a winter seasonal*scratches head*. I mean Keg'n'Cork just got a shipment in mid-May.

But congrats again, I'll have to raise a Chimay or Roochefort in your honour sometime;-). I'm off to Kerstin's right away for a few truffles & possibly that Askinosie chocolate from the Phillipines(if it hasn't sold out - think I'll phone first).

Oh had I mentioned that Rochefort 6 is great with raspberry chocolate ...I actually had a Truffini raspberry truffle bar, but any good rasp. truffle would do...or rasp. choc. for that matter.

Marianne said...

Thanks, Darrell! Definitely noting those beer to try. Wow! I've never been to Keg 'n' Cork before, but I'm definitely going to head over one of these days - their website looks great! So promising that they have a beer blog.

Really want to try the Askinosie bar. Let me know what you think.

Would never have tried the two together. It's so difficult to find a "dessert beer" beyond stout. I'll keep it in mind. I know Da Capo does the Rochefort 6 - maybe some chocolate and berry gelati would work too...

Isabelle said...

Congrats Marianne!

Marianne said...


Anonymous said...

Yes I think chocolate & berry gelati are probably an ideal summer option with the Rochefort 6! Think I'll have to try that myself..thanks for the suggestion Marianne.

Actually just tried that Askinosie Davao bar this afternoon. Very rich & relatively creamy for 77%. Really nice earthy woodsy characteristics too. I was noticing on the Askinosie website that Shawn(Askinosie) started his career in chocolate after 20 years as a criminal defense lawyer.

Marianne said...

Hope it's enjoyable!

Wow - that's sounds incredible. I really have to swing by Kerstin's one of these days. It seems like some of those people who are into chocolate as a hobby make the best. They're so passionate about it.