Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Groceries and espresso are the best mix

Zed and I have recently been making a weekly trip to the Italian Centre on the south side for groceries. There are several reasons we chose this versus the downtown location, but the two main reasons are:

1. We only need to take one bus there and one bus back, which means no lugging of groceries around at any transit stations or transferring of buses.

2. The south side store has a nice caffè with really good espresso, which has now become essential after our tour of the store.

Yesterday though, I decided to make the trek to the downtown location instead (I took the sketchy number 5 alone... I wouldn't suggest it) to better fit within our evening plans.

When we were last there a couple months ago, construction had taken over the south side of the store, but we had neglected to ask what for... Yesterday though, all was revealed, and the downtown location now has a lovely caffè, sleekly decorated and equipped with an Elektra espresso machine, a gelati cooler (unfilled for now), panini presses and a tempting dessert case.

Zed's latte and our partially consumed cinnamon bun with pecans

Yesterday was the first day of business for the caffè, and it was obvious they were still working out some of the kinks, but they still made a pretty good espresso.

My "short" espresso

Italian Centre Shop Ltd.

10878 95 Street NW ("Downtown")

5028 104A Street NW ("South side")


Maki said...

Oh! That makes me even MORE excited to go to the downtown location! Enjoy a cafe before we shop!

Isabelle said...

I have yet to visit either Italian Centre Shop ... but they are high on my list of food destinations. You've motivated me to go soon.

Kevin Kossowan said...

Surprised, yet very pleased to hear they are making the addition.