Monday, March 9, 2009

Da Capo and the amazing espresso

Zed and I had not been to Da Capo since this past summer, but a few weeks ago we decided to stop in for a quick espresso before they closed.


I should start with a bit of detail about last summer - throughout June/July/August we had been walking through the Ledge grounds and across the High Level bridge to get ice cream cones full of Da Capo's homemade gelati (I really recommend the Baci and Zed the Caffè... it's fantastic!). We never really chose to stay, as the summer clientele could be intimidating (lots of suits and stilettos). But we were happy to wander around the Ledge with the addition of some good ice cream.

Cornetti with Nutella

After our successful stop over a month ago, we've been going for espresso a couple times a week for the last while (now that we're on the other side of the river), and I have to say they make the smoothest, creamiest, most wonderful lattes and cappuccino we've found in the area (plus, the well polished clientele have been replaced with chatting friends, students and off season bicyclists... much more comforting).

Caffè Latte

The staff we've encountered have always been great and know their stuff, and although the Caffè is full of clean lines and well polished tables, they have managed to create a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Da Capo is a lifestyle caffè... I still don't entirely understand the concept (it must be my North American mind set), but at any rate, their winter hours reflect the idea - Monday through Friday from 8am - 5pm, Saturday from 9am - 5pm, and Sunday from 10am - 4pm. Because of hours, we alternate fairly frequently between Leva and Da Capo - if we make it to Da Capo during the day, that's great, but if we need something equally great in the evening, it's off to Leva.

If you can make it to Da Capo during the day, you're in for a fantastic espresso. But if not, summertime will bring increased hours and great gelati.

Da Capo lifestyle caffè
8738 109 Street NW

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