Sunday, March 8, 2009

Flirt Cupcakes: The improved second round

Zed and I were looking for a coffee late yesterday afternoon. Da Capo, our favorite during the past month or so closed at five, and walking past Leva we saw they were closing at 6PM for a "private function". Not knowing where we were heading, we ended up hiking down/up Whyte.

We had been meaning to go back to Flirt Cupcakes to give them another try... Isabelle from The Little Red Kitchen as well as her co-workers found them delicious and I've only encountered positive media feedback (although none of them seemed to discuss the taste of the cakes, but more about the cupcake business in general). I had also heard that Flirt was now serving St. City coffee, so this made the destination fit within our goals (we never did end up getting a coffee because they were closing, but...).

Again, it was late in the day, and when we arrived at 5:55PM (they closed at 6PM), there were only three cupcakes left of the same flavours we had sampled on the previous visit. We were about to leave, opting to come back earlier another day, but the owner commented that they had a few fresh trays in the back, and they would frost them with whatever flavors we would like... we both found this a very nice gesture and agreed.

I went for lemon-coconut butter cream ("Fantasy Island") on a vanilla cupcake, and Zed for the milk chocolate butter cream ("The Flirt") on a chocolate cupcake (the flavor choices as far as frosting goes have increased to the promised eight, while cupcakes are a choice between vanilla or chocolate, and Red Velvet on select days).

We were definitely more impressed this time: the cupcakes didn't seem quite as oily and they were slightly larger in size, making us feel that we got a bit more bang for our buck (however much than can be at $2.95/cake plus tax). I enjoyed the tart lemon flavor of the frosting, and a bite of Zed's chocolate cupcake confirmed this... the chocolate frosting was too sweet for me.

I'm glad we had a more positive experience with the "cupcake boutique" this time round. While I still don't think the cupcakes are the best we've found in the area (Upper Crust does some great ones and making my own is probably the best option both taste wise and economically), I do enjoy the novelty of the shop and the fact that we were able to walk in for a single cupcake then head back out to continue our Whyte Ave stroll.

Flirt Cupcakes
10158 82 Avenue

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