Sunday, February 22, 2009

Twisted Fork Diner could afford to twist a bit more

Needing somewhere quick and close to grab a bite to eat today, Zed and I headed over to Twisted Fork Diner and Lounge, just across the street from our building.

We had been to Twisted Fork once before a couple weeks prior and were not impressed. Just getting over my flu and finally able to eat again, I ordered a veggie burger out of the limited veggie options they had on offer. When it arrived I was less than excited - a limp, thin, gray coloured tasteless patty on a dry bun, served with some sweet potato fries that were just okay, but nothing special. The saving grace was a beer special on Alexander Keith's, which Zed appreciated.

Every day of the week they have specials (ie. I believe Wednesdays are wings, Martini Thursdays, etc.), and today was brunch, which was served until 4PM. We arrived around 3:45PM and while Zed was disappointed that it was brunch (he's not a breakfast person other than his own pancakes; to order pancakes/waffles in a restaurant, he has to know they are served with real maple syrup... but really, I think everyone would agree that the real stuff is the only way to go) I was more than glad to sample breakfast offerings after my previous burger experience.

After browsing a two page menu that was a bit more promising than their lunch/dinner offerings, I chose the three egg omelette served with potato pancakes and toast ($8.50). There was a long list of ingredients that included artichoke hearts, hummus, guacamole and other such fillings, but I went for something simple - red and green peppers, mushrooms and Havarti. Zed reverted to his standard restaurant breakfast choice - a side of ham and side of toast.

Neither of us could really complain about the service or timeliness of the arrival of our food - coffee was constantly refilled, and our food arrived ~10 minutes after ordering. As far as Zed's side order of ham went, he said it was average. I suppose with that it comes down to where the ham comes from and how it is processed; apparently not enough effort was put into either factor. My omelette was alright, but was slightly over cooked and I found it rather void of any cheese. Thankfully I finished with the potato pancakes which were a nice, crispy end to the meal.

And just a note on the music selection - both times there has been a mix of bad 90s stuff with the odd entrance of something great. Today the 90s hits were interjected with Édith Piaf's "La vie en rose." Along with Charles Aznavour, she is one of Zed's favourite French singers. While I understood the sound level when we were there in the evening a couple weeks ago, we both thought it could have been toned down a bit for brunch.

Twisted Fork does offer a student discount of 10% any day of the week with your One Card, so at least they are making it student friendly. But even though the discount is nice, I would definitely give it up for a more creative/diverse menu or better execution of the dishes they already offer.

Twisted Fork Diner and Lounge
11162 82 Avenue

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