Thursday, February 26, 2009

A heat and eat dinner with substance

A few weeks ago I managed to look beyond my regular grab of samosas or spanikopita at the entrance of Planet Organic, to find a tofu dinner, nicely portioned with a quinoa salad and winter greens.

The tofu is nicely marinated with a generous dusting of one of my favourites - sesame seeds; the greens are cooked until wilted, then dusted with chili flakes for a nice kick. And finally the quinoa salad - this is the most amazing part of the entire "dinner"; fluffy, full of cranberries, hazelnuts and a bit of green onion and dressed with something incredibly good but indescribable, this salad is a winner... I wonder if I can weasel the recipe out of them...

Here is the latest round (I think #3), which I've transferred to a plate for heating purposes.

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