Friday, February 20, 2009

More on Edmonton's cupcake situation in Friday's 24 Hours

Zed found an article today in 24 Hours, written by Kristy Brownlee, on the recent increase of cupcake availability in Edmonton (I couldn't get the link to the article online, so hopefully the following summary will do).

The article features an interview with the owners of Flirt Cupcakes, Michelle Lemoignan and Rick Krupa, as well as an interview with George Broumas, co-owner of Fuss Cupcakes, which will be opening soon on 104 Street and Whyte Ave. (apparently Fuss is the new name for The Cupcake Bakeshoppe and Cafe that has been operating for the past couple years at 17298 Stony Plain Road).

As far as Flirt goes, the owners commented that they sold 1000 cupcakes on opening day (this past Valentine's Day), twice what they were hoping for, and they have sold out of cakes almost every day of business this week.

The article does not mention the opening day of Fuss Cupcakes, but in an interview with the co-owner, he said that within the next five years they are hoping to franchise the company with the goal of opening 10-15 stores across the country.

Also, concerning our experience this past weekend with Flirt Cupcakes... the shop has updated their website to say that their menu of 8 flavours should be up and running by mid-March along with a weekly special flavour, but for now only chocolate and vanilla are available... I'm hoping the future flavours will be improved from the chocolate and vanilla versions Zed and I tasted last weekend.


Sharon said...

Thanks for writing about the cupcake "spike" in Edmonton. It still strikes me that we're a little behind the cupcake curve, but better late than never, right?

Marianne said...

Absolutely. It doesn't seem like it's going to take us too long to catch up.

Isabelle said...

I'm actually doing a radio story on Flirt that will air next week. I've eaten a few of their cupcakes and found them quite delicious, as did my co-workers when I brought some back to the office. I liked the chocolate better than the vanilla. They still don't have other cake flavours but are hoping to soon.

Marianne said...

I'm starting to think it was just the day we went there. We'll definitely be heading back to try them again.