Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Soup Adventures at Home

Last night Z and I travelled over to Planet Organic on 104 Street to find some inspiration for a real home cooked meal. As it was particularly cold and snowy outside, I was craving some nice warm and spicy soup, and I convinced Z he'd like this as well (he really didn't have a choice since I was cooking).

We picked up cabbage, carrots, Shitake mushrooms, garlic, ginger, tofu and some udon noodles and went to town. I threw in a couple cloves of whole garlic, a good size knob of finely chopped ginger, some chili flakes, a bay leaf, a hefty drizzle of Tamari, about four sliced carrots, and some pepper into a pot of water, and proceeded to boil it for about half an hour. After it started to smell nice and savory, I threw in the cabbage, mushrooms and tofu. I let it boil for a little longer, then put in the udon noodles, and left them to cook and stew for another 15 minutes.

For something thrown together in one big pot, I thought this turned out relatively well. Not only that, but it was our first home cooked meal in days. Z didn't really appreciate all the cabbage (he doesn't care much for cooked veggies... the man eats potatoes raw), but he got through it alright.

Tonights meal of leftovers will definitely be interesting - now they've had a night to mix and mingle, the garlic and ginger will have definitely settled in.

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