Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Remedy Cafe - A much needed stop after a Whyte Ave. walk

I finally jumped back on my workout routine this past Saturday, having taken liberal time off to enjoy the holiday festivities. After my stop at Curves, I met Zed on Whyte Ave. where he was perusing the music store. We had decided earlier on in the day to stop at Remedy Cafe on 109th for lunch on our way home, and this turned out to be a good plan after 20 minutes of dodging a massive amount of Boxing Day(s) shoppers.

Since Remedy is attached to our movie store, I constantly end up craving their fantastic homemade Chai. Spicy and slightly sweet, with a sprinkling of cinnamon to finish it off, it is definitely addicting, and I was looking forward to the indulgence.

On arrival, we placed our order which consisted of a Chai latte and Palak Paneer wrap for me, and a cafe latte and Tandori Chicken wrap for Zed. Along with the Chai, the lunch time wraps available at Remedy are another gem. Whoever came up with the idea to put Remedy's Indian and Pakistani style offerings into pita bread, grill the thing, and serve it with a cinnamon syrup concoction, is a genius. These things are amazing, but are sadly only available at lunch time (12-5PM). However the delicious fillings are available on their own (served with pita bread) from 5PM onwards.

Due to its proximity to campus, the movie store, and the Garneau Theatre, Remedy is often packed (mostly with students). But since we ventured there in between the Christmas-New Year stretch, a few tables on the main floor were still available and the loft level was completely open. So, after placing our order, we headed up stairs to sip our drinks and await the call of the readiness of our wraps.

About 10 minutes later, we heard the announcement of our meals (I imagine the calling out of our order would have been hard to hear in the fully packed cafe), and Zed kindly headed off to gather them. As expected, the wraps were fantastic - the filling provided a nice level of spiciness, the pita shell a crunchy crust, and the cinnamon syrup dip melted everything together with a lovely sweetness.

With great food and drinks (and free wireless connection), Remedy is a great place to stop and relax (or study!) - no wonder it is usually bustling.

Remedy Cafe
8631 109 Street NW

Along with the Chai and wraps, Remedy is licensed, and serves up a vast selection of beer. All their food (ie. Palak Paneer, Tandori Chicken, Chana Masala, and much more selection), as well as the Chai mixture, is available in containers to take home.

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