Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday Night Flatbread Pizzas

Friday afternoon (aka Boxing Day), Zed and I decided to head up to Sobey's to get something edible for dinner that evening. Pizzas were the first thing that came to mind, and I was eager to return to my old pizza crust recipe, courtesy of Jamie Oliver, that has not seen the light of day for about a year now.

In hindsight, Boxing Day is not the best day to buy groceries - because everything is shut down Christmas, the veggies were not the freshest, and unfortunately they were also out of yeast. Either way, we found a good looking red pepper, a yam, red onion, mushrooms, some Italian style veggie sausage things, two balls of Bocconcini and a jar of tomato sauce. No yeast forced us into the bread section, where we pounced upon one last lonely package of flatbread.

Once home, I put the red pepper in a hot oven to get nice and charred, sautéed the mushrooms and onion, then the slices of yam, and finally the sliced sausage. Later that evening, we assembled our pizzas, topped them with pepper and rosemary (the latter made the condo smell amazing) and placed them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes.

Our pizzas were followed by a cup of spicy hot chocolate, and a Best of George Carlin DVD.


Court said...

I'm a flatbread lover! It's a great fallback food for me (although I never make the crust - no bread or pastry from my kitchen!). I found that the store was very picked over when I hit it up on boxing day too.

Marianne said...

I saw your Sweet Flatbread post a couple weeks ago, so I was definitely on the hunt after I found out about the no yeast problem. Thanks for the tip off, they were great.
I suppose everyone needs a day off, but I was pretty depressed with the selection on Boxing Day. Hopefully we can all prevent this from happening after New Year's and shop earlier or later.