Friday, November 28, 2008

Wild Tangerine - East meets West...

On our way home from work this evening we decided to stop at Wild Tangerine, a newish restaurant located at 10383 - 112 Street. Not only was it near our immediate locale, but it was also another Original Fare restaurant that we had not yet sampled.

Although neither of us had ever been, I have always noticed the Wild Tangerine Smart Car motoring around Edmonton, and had come to associate the restaurant with take-out, or "mobile cuisine" as they have conveniently named it. I was therefore expecting a large take-out bar, with maybe a few small tables. Upon entering however, we were greeted by a very contemporary setting, and an inquiry as to whether or not we had made reservations. In the end, a reservation didn't seem to matter, and we were seated at a table near the door.

Our server quickly brought us menus and glasses of water, along with a wine bottle filled with enough water to keep us happy throughout our meal - a practice I wish more restaurants would add to their service routine.

We settled on the featured appetizer of veggie samosas ($6), Z ordered the Pineapple Chicken Stir-Fry with Steamed Organic Wild Rice ($14), while I went for the Most memorable Red Curry Mussels with Linguini ($23).

Our samosas arrived promptly. They were more delicate than a "traditional" samosa: made with phyllo dough and a curious concoction of something I'm sure was vegetables and spices, with what was obviously peas running throughout. We both enjoyed their lightness, most likely attributed to the baking of them as opposed to frying.

Our mains arrived about five minutes later. Z was slightly disappointed: there was a mountain of green beans on his plate (their inclusion not mentioned on the menu), one of the few vegetables he dislikes. Beyond the beans, he decided his dish was just okay, but nothing memorable. My bowl looked great - the red curry sauce made everything a lovely pink colour, and the mussels were piled high in the bowl atop linguine noodles. The mussles satisfied my seafood craving perfectly, and the noodles soaked up the spicy, creamy curry sauce that tickled the back of my throat (as someone who does not handle spicy foods very well, the sauce was perfect).

We decided to head on through to dessert, as we most often do. The Chocolate from the East; with coconut, lychee and cashew nuts ($6) was tied closely with the Tiramisu with Barolo Reduction ($7), however upon learning they were out of Tiramisu, we decided to share the first. The dessert looked gorgeous - a nice silky looking chocolate tart on a coconut and cashew crust, with a nice big dollop of wip cream and pommegranate seeds (not lychees as stated on the menu, but...) sitting close by. The pomegranate seeds were a great addition, with their slight sourness cutting through the richness of the rest.

For a stop to grab a bite to eat, it turned out to be a great meal - an esthetically pleasing restaurant, friendly and promt service and good food - we couldn't have asked for anything more.

Wild Tangerine
10383 - 112 Street
Hours: M-T (11:30-10) F (11:30-11:30) S (5-11:30) Sun (Closed)

P.S. They also have an express restaurant on the lower floor of Manulife Place next to Zenari's.

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