Friday, November 28, 2008

Our New Blog

Sitting at Wild Tangerine this evening, we decided we would begin writing about all the restaurants we've been to around Edmonton (and hopefully a few other cities as well). During any rather rare times when we do eat at home, we will make an effort to share some of the meals that we feel are worthy of being written about. I ("M") also enjoy baking and creating other sweet confections to satisfy all of our sweet teeth, and am hoping our writings will make my baking adventures more frequent.

At the moment, we will definitely be heavier on the eating out side while we finish renovating our condo. Currently, we our admiring our freshly tiled bathroom.

We hope our posts are enjoyed, however frequent (or not) they become, and that anyone who may stumble on our food thoughts bare with us as we work at creating our very first blog.


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