Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kerstin's Chocolates: Caviar, Mocha Meltaways and Drinking Chocolate

I first discovered Kerstin's Chocophilia bars at Leva Cafe, and have enjoyed watching and eating as they have popped up at more locations around Edmonton.

Upon a chance visit to Kerstin's website, I was glad to make the discovery that in February of this year she opened up her own store at 10139-112 Street. So, counting on the website's promise of fresh, homemade drinking chocolate the Mayan way, Z and I ventured to the store last Saturday.

Walking in we were greeted by a small space, covered with chocolate bars and other treats to take home. We both ordered a drinking chocolate to go (Z got the vanilla, while I opted for the Chili), and tasted a Mocha Meltaway that was put out to sample. The Meltaways were amazing - the coffee heightened the chocolate beautifully, and as the name implies, they melted fantastically on our tongues. We had to take some of these home with us (about a dozen small Meltaways $9.95). We perused the store as we waited for our drinks and decided to pick up some cocoa powder, then we came upon the Chocolate Caviar. It was described as cocoa nibs, dipped in dark chocolate then rolled in cocoa powder - this stuff did its name justice (50g aluminum tin $5.95).

Satisfied with our purchases, we picked up our drinking chocolates and headed out. On the cold, windy Saturday, these drinks were perfect - the vanilla chocolate was smooth and sweet, while the chili chocolate finished with a sharp kick at the end of each sip.

The Cocoa Room was definitely worth the trip - a warm, comforting bit of chocolate on a cold day, and some lovely indulgences to last us through the week ahead.

The Cocoa Room by Kerstin's Chocolates
10139 - 112 Street

T-W, S (10-5) Th - F (10-7) Closed Sun, M

The Cocoa Room also offers monthly chocolate tastings as well as chocolate making classes. Tickets are available at the website.

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