Friday, April 5, 2013

Lunch at The Local Omnivore

Although it was very wet and snowy today, Claire and I held fast to plans to walk up to The Local Omnivore for lunch. The truck was ready for lunch a little after noon, already serving up soup and sandwiches to a small line up of patrons.

The order of the day seemed to be the special. We didn't deviate, both opting for the potato and bacon soup with a grilled cheese sandwich for $8. Service was fast - My order came up in no time at all, and we waited a few minutes longer for Claire's to come up in the next batch of specials. Wet and slightly cold at this point, we ducked into the nearest building to enjoy our lunch.

We were both impressed with the grilled cheese. Pretty classic, with sliced cheddar, but pushed over the top with incredibly crunchy yet tender bread, and some sort of herb butter/spread. While we enjoyed the texture of the soup, and appreciated its warmth on such a cool day, we agreed that a little more salt would have helped to round out the flavours.

Claire and I wouldn't hesitate to head back - The menu changes daily, giving us lots of options. I'm looking forward to venturing a little further for a fried egg sandwich on the way to the office next week. You can find The Local Omnivore at 100 Ave. and 108 Street (Drift's old spot) for breakfast and lunch, and on Whyte Ave. Fridays and Saturdays, from midnight to 3pm for late night snacks. The menu is updated daily via their Twitter feed.

On a related note, Tanya and I cooked up a pack of their bacon last weekend, and while I wasn't a huge fan of it's sweetness alone, it worked much better in their soup (and I imagine it would be excellent on top of a fried egg sandwich, or something else super savoury, at breakfast). You can purchase packages of their very smoky-sweet bacon directly from the truck for $5.

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Isabelle said...

Glad you enjoyed your lunch, Marianne. Our friend Mark is one of the chefs behind this truck. I haven't made it over to sample anythinbg yet, but Jacques liked his sandwich earlier this week too.