Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Olive Oil Cake

I mentioned in my last post that I was devoting that bottle of blood orange infused olive oil picked up at Evoolution to this olive oil cake, and that's exactly what happened a couple weeks ago.

The timing turned out to be perfect; we had a few straight days of heavy, cool rain, and the citrusy cake was a lovely warm contrast. While the cup of olive oil keeps the cake moist, it still has a mealy crumb which makes it perfect alongside a cup of tea.

The kick of citrus is nice in this cake - and I think pretty classic for an olive oil cake - but as the recipe indicates it would be lovely with a nice fruity or peppery olive oil. I added Valrhona's Manjari 64% to compliment the citrus flavour of the oil, but any dark chocolate would do. And while I didn't put nearly as much rosemary as the recipe suggests in this version, I'm certainly upping it next time.


Rachel said...

Oh, I need to make that cake again! It's good with an earthy olive oil and Caraïbe, too. I miss baking.

Courtenay said...

yum, looks good - I've been meaning to make olive oil cake for some time...well, ever since I had it at Corso 32...
Thanks for renewing my inspiration :)

Marianne said...

Rach - Mmmm. Totally would be. And yeah, I believe it :-)

Courtenay - Hahaha. I had it first at Corso 32 too. So good with the mascarpone. Anytime :-)