Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cask Day

It's sort of amazing that at our very first Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous meeting in April, they announced that along with Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus, they would be hosting a Cask Day on the afternoon of June 23rd. Thankfully we purchased our admission tickets for $15 a piece right on the spot - the event sold out in under 24 hours.

Last Saturday afternoon felt much like today - hot and sunny - and beer fans packed the patio at Wunderbar whilst enjoying casked conditioned ales from Phillips, Yukon, Alley Kat, Amber's and Jasper Brewing Co.

We enjoyed all the beer on offer and savoured the luxury of having so many great local-ish microbrews to choose from. I loved Ambers' Ginger Lemongrass beer - it was perfect in the heat and had some great flavours going on that didn't overpower the base beer too much. Charles went the opposite way and chose Yukon's Mr. Monk's Stout as the winner for the day.

The favourites.

We also won this lovely door prize signed by everyone who contributed casks that day:

This was a fantastic event and we're glad to have made it out. Thanks and congratulations to everyone involved in the planning and to all the volunteers. Can't wait for next year!


Jill said...

Hi, I'm a long time lurker. That ambers ginger lemongrass beer sounds interesting. any idea if you can buy it in Edmonton?


Marianne said...

Hi Jill,

Thanks for commenting! I'm also a lurker... I love reading blogs (and obviously writing) but rarely comment.

I haven't seen it around, and I feel like they may have taken one of the beers from their regular lineup and added the flavourings just for that cask. I would definitely check with Sherbrooke or Chateau Louis though. A good second would be Phillips Ginger Beer - it's got a nice spice level and isn't too sweet. Good luck!

Jill said...

Thanks Marianne. The Ginger beer sounds good, too.

Anonymous said...

As of now, the lemongrass was a one off experiment from Amber's. The future is unwritten though! - Craig from Wundi.

Marianne said...

Thanks very much, Craig!!