Saturday, July 24, 2010

Urban Diner - the patio

With the afternoon off today, Charles and I decided to head over to High Street with hopes of grabbing a spot on the patio of Manor Bistro. But with the popular spot full, we decided to make our way around the corner to check out the Urban Diner's outdoor seating.

Just switching over from brunch to lunch, service and food orders were a bit slow, but everything picked up rapidly after placing our drink orders - for Charles, cranberry and soda, and for me, a chai milk shake. Food wise, Charles opted for the lunch special, a BBQ pulled pork sandwich with a side of fries ($12), and I went for the veggie burger with fries (~$12).

Charles plate arrived looking pretty brown, but he did enjoy the tender, flavorful pork loaded onto the bun. On my side of things, I have to say the veggie burger was just alright. This was my second experience with their version, and although it was enjoyable, I once again found that it just doesn't have the same oomph as either the High Level or Blue Plate versions.

Pulled Pork Sandwich (with a mound of fries)

Veggie Burger

Although we still hope to head back to Manor Bistro to check out the patio, Urban Diner turned out to be a favorable alternate, and we will certainly head back... and next time a slice of pie will definitely make it to our table.

Urban Diner
12427 102 Avenue
Hours: M-F (11- 9); Sa (9 - 9) Su (9 - 3)
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Chris said...

Oh the Blue Plate Veggie burger! I have such found memories of that burger. So good!!!

Marianne said...

Me too, Chris. It's the beets for me with that one.