Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday mornings - calm the monkey mind

Do you ever feel like this on Mondays? This tea label describes my mind and its needs perfectly at this stage of the summer. We begin building Folk Fest on the 16th, so I am all over the place - will the kitchen tent arrive on time, is that crane and op scheduled to arrive for 10am on Saturday, who's loading hi-boys next week, do we have enough duct tape, did I order continental breakfast items for next Friday (actually I have, and muffins and loaves will be coming from Wild Earth)... and the list goes far beyond.

Anyhow, a mug full of this tea did the trick this morning. It was light, flowery, fruity, and as the description implies, incredibly calming. I had a perfectly productive day of confirming gear, sponsors and volunteers. Hopefully I can make this little tin I picked up in Victoria last awhile longer...

Since I am sort of on the subject of Folk Fest, here's a link to an excellent article on the whole kitchen operation from the recent issue of The Tomato... Yes, those recipes are for thousands, and those tacos were fantastic and very refreshing on the weekend last year.

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