Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tree Stone Croissants

Charles showed up at work on Saturday afternoon, presenting me with a croissant he picked up at Tree Stone Bakery that morning.

While I enjoy the lightness of the ones from Duchess, the ones whipped up at Tree Stone are quite lovely... a little heavier, but still fluffy on the inside, and with a thicker, crunchier crust on the exterior. That crunchy crust thing gets me every time... it's definitely my favourite part of any croissant, which makes the Tree Stone version one of my favourites.

By the way... they are still working on their bagel recipe, but you can leave comments for Yvan on his blog, letting him know what type of bagels (chewy, soft, flavoured, plain, etc) you'd like to see in Edmonton. Very exciting!


Maki said...

I know quite a few people who love the bread from the Treestone. Another one of those places on my list to visit.

Marianne said...

It is definitely some lovely bread (although expensive... but I know a lot of work and love is put into it). They even have the cafe attached, so you can get coffee and bread in one spot... very convenient!