Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brunch at The Manor Bistro

I'm working at Kerstin's Chocolates this month to help out with the retail end of things during the busy holiday season. One of my co-workers, Liz, used to work at The Manor Bistro and she still thinks they have the best brunch in town. So when we decided to meet up with a few friends for brunch to celebrate the end of the fall semester and a couple weeks of holidays, I had an easy time persuading everyone to try The Manor with us.

We arrived a little late for our 12:30 reservation for six, but were sat down immediately in the private dining room at the front of the converted house. Our server arrived immediately to offer drinks, and two of us decided to share a 1/2 liter of mimosa ($14), while Charles went for a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice ($5.50), and everyone else stuck with coffee or water.

The snowy view of High Street

Liz had recommended any of the four versions of eggs Benedict, as their hollandaise sauce was supposed to be amazing. So in accordance, I ordered the traditional eggs Benedict with soft poached eggs. Charles decided on the fritatta, while the rest of our party went with sweet crepes, the quiche special, Denver crepes and the Florentine eggs benedict. Our food took a little too long to come out, but we were enjoying coffee and mimosas and our little private room, so we didn't mind at all.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their dishes, and Liz was right, the hollandaise was amazing, with a nice balance of lemony tartness and richness from the eggs and butter. There were also little piles of couscous filled with berries and fruit on everyone's plates, which I thought was a nice, different touch.

The traditional eggs Benedict ($14)

Quiche special (salmon, roasted red pepper and goat cheese)

Sweet crepe ($13)

Denver crepe ($13)

Florentine Benedict with spinach Mornay sauce ($15)

Chorizo Fritatta ($13)

Our server asked if we had room for dessert, and of course we couldn't turn it down. Expecting a menu he instead brought out a leaf shaped plate full of their five dessert selections - their "award winning tiramisu", a fruit crumble, cheesecake rounds filled with a chocolate nut mixture then dipped in chocolate, a lavender creme brulee and lemon souffle served warm with lemon sorbet. One of our party had a severe nut allergy (which our server and the kitchen did well working around), so opted out, but the rest of us decided to share the tiramisu and the creme brulee.


Creme brulee (sorry it's so blurry)

The creme brulee was done really well, in a wide, shallow dish with lots of caramelized sugar, and the tiramisu was lovely and rich, and definitely full of some nice, dark rum. The Manor was a great way to celebrate, and whether we have an occasion or not, we will definitely be back.

The Manor Casual Bistro
10109 125 Street
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Monday - Thursday:

11am - 10pm

Friday & Saturday:
11am - midnight

Brunch: 11am - 2pm
Dinner: 5pm - 9pm


Chef Laurel said...

Mmmm we went there a few years ago for an anniversary and it was so good! We shared the Parmesan Pommes Frites & I had the Chicken Curry and Prawns. Can't remember what Jason had but we really enjoyed the cozy atmosphere.

I'll have to go back for brunch and you better go back for dinner!

Marianne said...

It's definitely cozy. I think it must be the converted house thing.

We'll definitely have to switch it up and compare.