Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Mid-week view at La Ronde

We were hoping to avoid the rush of multiple seatings and slightly overpriced menus of New Year's Eve this year, so instead we decided to check out La Ronde a couple Thursdays ago. I had read this review in Vue Magazine a couple months ago, and we were both looking forward to an evening of good food and great views.

In the end our evening started out really well then went a bit down hill. Our starters of rabbit for me and a Caesar for Charles were great, but then our server forgot to bring our sorbet course and went straight to mains, which we decided to just go along with.

Sage and Walnut-Rolled Rabbit Loin ($17)

100 Avenue

The entrees were just alright - Charles enjoyed his prime rib, but he thought he could get it pretty much any where else in the City. I thought I'd try the chicken supreme crusted in Parmesan. The actual chicken portion was lovely and moist, and I loved the crunchy, salty Parmesan exterior. But the accompanying vegetables swimming in cream sauce were heavy, and with all the cheese already on the chicken, I barely touched them.

Prime Rib with buttermilk mash and seasonal veg ($34)

Chicken Supreme on root vegetable fricassee ($30)

101 Street

Our server offered us dessert menus, and took our order of a latte for Charles and shot of espresso for me at the same time. The espresso was actually really nice... not too bitter or smoky, but smooth, light and perfect after a heavy meal. We decided to share the Madagascar Milk Chocolate Cream with Mocha Brulee Centre for dessert. While the cream itself didn't really taste like Madagascar chocolate to me, the fudgy cookie underneath was definitely citrusy and fruity which I liked. And we both enjoyed the smooth centre of mocha brulee, which also gave a little extra boost to the chocolate.

Madagascar Chocolate Cream ($12)

Since the view is so great on the 24th floor of the Crowne (and you do pay a premium for it), we would have liked to stay for another coffee or drink after dessert, but instead of asking if we would like anything else, our server just dropped off our bill and bid us a good evening before we had a chance to say anything.

South East

So instead of spending an extra $20 on drinks there, we ended up at The Confederation Lounge at the Mac, which has a great list of "Mixology Cocktails", plus their seasonal winter warmer type drinks (I'm a sucker for a Hot Rum Toddy, and they always add something interesting to it).

Elderflower and Champagne at the Mac

Although the entree section of La Ronde's menu is a bit lack luster, we both appreciated the effort to highlight Alberta based products like the Highwood Crossing's flour used in the bread, Fairwinds Farm Goat Cheese, and Peace Hills chicken, just to name a few.
Despite the underwhelming service, I think we will likely be back to La Ronde. The view is just to great to pass up, and it seemed to serve as a little reminder of some of the reasons we stick with this City, even in -40 weather. Next time though, I'm going to make sure the Saskatoon Berry and Basil sorbet makes it to our table.

Final point of rotation

La Ronde (in the Chateau Lacombe)
10111 Bellamy Hill
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Isabelle said...

Great photos! Too bad the meal was kind of underwhelming. Sounds like the kind of place i might visit just for drinks and dessert.

Marianne said...

Thanks! I know. But at least there were a few positives that we can head back for.

Good idea... it would definitely be a nice way to finish an evening.