Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1, 2, 3 Bite Brownies from Wild Earth

A friend and I decided to stop in for a cup of tea at Wild Earth Bakery and Cafe early this afternoon. I was surprised by all the bread and baked goods everywhere, usually I don't get there before 5 and those types of goodies are gone and we are left (sigh) with squares and tarts and the like.

I spotted these 1, 2, 3 Bite Brownies and had to get them for Zed.

They are obviously a play on the "Homestyle Two-bite Brownies" available in various grocery stores around the city. The Wild Earth versions were definitely more soft and fresh, and because they weren't nearly as sweet the chocolate popped.

On another bakery note, Planet Organic on the south side is carrying a variety of whole grain loaves of bread from both Prairie Mill Bread Co. and Buns and Roses (maybe they were before renos and we just didn't notice). We tried a multi-grain loaf of the latter yesterday and it was definitely satisfying with a nice crust and rich centre.

Wild Earth Bakery and Cafe
8902 99 Street

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Maki said...

I've driven past Wild Earth many times but never stopped in. Now that the weather is getting better, I'm sure I'll be stopping into the cafe soon enough. I love those 2 bite brownies so I'm sure these are even better.