Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The past couple weeks...

Zed and I got a bit caught up with the warm weather last week, and in hindsight I'm glad we did... yesterday's frost warning and the recent bit of snow is definitely depressing. Luckily though, we are off to Victoria on Wednesday evening for what we hope will be some more stable weather.

Last Monday was Zed's birthday, and unlike mine where I decided on something new, Zed chose places that were guaranteed to be good - Blue Plate and Da Capo. We hadn't been to Blue Plate in awhile, but it was as good as ever. As for Da Capo, it was incredibly nice to be enjoying our gelato outdoors.

Birthday Boy's Steak Sandwich

My Pemmican (Bison) Burger (made in house with lots of sage... mmm!)

Pistachio on the left; mint on the right

I picked up David Lebovitz' new book - The Sweet Life in Paris - last weekend. It's a fantastic read... 269 pages of humorous, embarrassing and fun stories detailing David's past 6 years in Paris, each providing some insider's advice to all us North Americans. Each story is concluded with a sweet and savory recipe, or both, and a list of resources as well as Parisian shops are included at the end of the book.

We picked up our Indulgence tickets last week from the Junior League. All the participants look great and it'll be a great treat to get the summer season rolling. I also noticed on the Slow Food website that they are holding their 4th Annual Wild Boar and Beer BBQ at Alley Kat Breweries on July 12th... BBQ and beer tasting is exactly what we need before permanently spending all our available time at Fest.

I stopped at Bulgogi House last Thursday with a friend for lunch. I haven't been there in over a year, but nothing has really changed - still the 70's wood paneling and generally out dated space, but the food definitely makes up for it.

Mae-Woon-Tang (Beef, shrimp, fish, tofu and vegetable soup)

O-Jing-Uh-Bock-Kum (Fried squid with beef and vegetables)

Jap-Chae (Fried, soft clear noodles with black mushrooms and vegetables)

I was working my last ever shift at Sobeys this past Saturday morning and unfortunately couldn't make it to the opening of the City Centre Market, but luckily Zed got to go and pick up a few things for our half-week. I have to say the biggest score was some Montreal-style Bagels. They are definitely some of the best we've had in Edmonton, but since the guy is making them out of his residential oven, they are still lacking (he uses some liquid smoke to try to replicate a bit of the wood oven taste). We tried poppy and sesame seed versions but have yet to try the whole wheat.

Entrance from Jasper

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Brooke said...

I saw those bagels on Saturday and wondered if they were any good. Thanks for the tip!