Friday, August 2, 2013

New York, New York.

This is no longer an excuse for my lack of posts, but it's Festival time! I hope everyone attending or volunteering at Folk Fest has a wonderful time!

We're off to New York for a couple weeks this October, and I could seriously use some recommendations. We'll be on the upper west side for about a week, and then in Williamsburg for another.

Remember last year when I was feeling overwhelmed by London... New York is doubly so. Thankfully, we are going with a friend who visits the city once or twice per year, but of course, I'd love to surprise him with some newbie finds.

Leave 'em below!

Well, hello Mast Brothers Chocolate. See you in October!


Andre said...

ABC Kitchen (roast suckling pig was crazy good)

Taim (fast, amazing falafel)

Ippuddo (ramen - be prepared for a line up 1.5 hours plus)

Tertulia (tapas)

i thought this site was helpful

Marianne said...

Thanks so much, Andre! I'll put those spots on my list. And Immaculate Infatuation is amazing!!

Darlene Fitzgerald said...

Ellen's Stardust Diner!
Walkable distance from Times Square. Great diner food and the waiters/waitresses are aspiring broadway performers who belt out songs when they aren't serving. They do their best because talent scouts are often in their midst. They go thru an arduous audition periiod to be able to wait on tables! Reservations are not necessary.